The importance of gyms offering a meal delivery service

The success of a gym depends on maintaining happy members. More than just providing a safe, clean workout environment, cultivating their happiness mean creating an experience they love, and want to revisit. 

Customer retention is a key component of any success business. A Harvard Business School study found that increasing customer retention by just 5 percent can lead to a 25 percent to 90 percent increase in profits. Not only is retaining customers less expensive than acquiring new ones, but happy customers are more likely to tell their friends and family-all potential customers-about your gym. 

There are three ways to ensure members are happy at a gym: 

  1. Make personal relationships
  2. Listen to members and make changes 
  3. Healthy prepared meals 

Healthy prepared meals 

Gym members live exercising but likely loathe the time and energetic required to prepare healthy meals to match their diets. Too often, the decision boils dow to either spending hours meal prepping each week, or eating poorly. How happy would gym customers be if they’d be if gyms enabled them to get an amazing workout, and healthy meals, for the entire week. 

The solution? Health ready-to-eat meals customers can pick up at the gym. This eliminates the time-consuming work required to eat healthy, and makes getting the proper nutrition easy and convenient for their members. 

The best part is that providing gym members with healthy prepared meal requires no extra work for the gym. Simply partner with Fran’s Kitchen and they handle the cooking, packaging, delivery, and more. 

The way it works is the members order meals from a special menu, then Fran’s Kitchen delivers them on a specific day. The guns members can grab their meals after their workout, or stop by the location at their convenience. 

Introducing healthy prepared meals into gyms enables members to obtain the proper nutrition, without the hassle. They’ll get everything they need to reach their fitness goals: a great workout and healthy meals.

Fran’s Kitchen – Organic meal delivery service location in Phoenix, Arizona

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