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The Difference Behind FK Meals

As the new year starts, you may have also started your Google rabbit hole of health information. With a new year comes a new opportunity to change your health! But – it can be confusing with all the buzz you’ll find around the internet. Instead of feeling encouraged and ready to start, you might feel lost and overwhelmed. However, at FK it is our mission to help your journey be as simple, transformative, and exciting as possible! You want to get healthier, not a migraine from hours of fruitless research. That’s why we offer our Fran’s Kitchen online meal plans! We do all the nutrition research for you. All you have to do is decide to start the journey of a lifetime.

If you want to get a preview of what our delicious and nutritious meals look like, we encourage you to check out our free Fran’s Kitchen Nutrition Recipe eBook! Here you’ll get a taste of what our services have to offer and maybe get some ideas for dinner tonight. 

What does awesome nutrition look like?

Now, we really believe that our approach to nutrition is different from the rest. Our meal plans are specially designed to offer you science-based nutritional benefits through delicious dishes tailored to your needs and goals. So, what exactly makes us different?

Customized Meal Plans

We offer three different starting plans:

–   Keto

–   Vegan

–   And Metabolic

All three of these plans are customized to fit your needs. When you subscribe to a meal plan of your choosing, you’ll submit a survey. This includes a series of questions regarding your health, lifestyle, and goals. We use this information to tailor the meal plan specifically to your journey. We understand that everyone is different. Your Day One is unique and special. This is why we offer this customization feature. Our team wants to support you on your own journey towards optimal health: whatever that looks like for you!

Holistic Health Approach

Our meal plans are subdivided into three phases. Each one is designed to help your body transition into a new diet and receive the most of your nutritional changes.

–   Phase 1: This is the Detox phase. During this you’ll go through a process of gut restoration. These meals are designed to help flush out toxins and other things that stop optimal body processes.

–   Phase 2: Also called the Deep Dive, this is where we start helping you build diet and lifestyle behaviors to help you succeed in your plan! By this point, you’ll start experiencing the benefits of the detox: less groggy, more energetic, and improved immunity.

–   Phase 3: Finally, we have the Double Check. Once you’re settled into your new shiny diet, we’ll touch base again and do some adjustments. Here, macros and calories will be fine-tuned to better accommodate your current health levels. We’ll also include some exercise advice to help you get the most out of your improved nutrition!

Together these phases work to reduce inflammation, increase immunity, and rebalance your gut to optimize overall health. How do we accomplish this though?

Nutrition that Rebalances Gut Health

See, our diets have two key foundations: optimization of the way your body metabolizes energy and eliminating things that hinder your gut from performing well. This all comes down to improving gut health.

The reason for this gut-rebalancing design is because 43% of the human body is cells. The rest is bacteria. Therefore, when you are feeding the healthy bacteria in your body, you are promoting overall good health. This is why our diets focus on resistant starches which feed the good bacteria in your gut. Our plans also focus on eliminating toxic oils from your diet. We believe this combination of dietary focus yields the best results in optimizing your health, healing your gut, and radically transforming your nutrition. Our program is based on science-based nutrition and never sacrifices taste.

This is why we believe our meal plans are different: we provide amazing value for the investment in your health. 

If this process seems overwhelming to you, don’t worry! We’ve made it our goal to make your health journey accessible, results-driven, and full of encouragement. Our team is always available to help you. Whether you are curious about nutrition, seeking to start a meal plan, or need guidance throughout the process – FK has your back.

We understand how important and unique a health journey is. It’s one of the best decisions we can make to invest in our health and quality of life. That’s why it is our passion to help you reach optimal health, so that you can live the life you deserve – in balance and wellness.

If you’re not ready to commit to a full meal plan, try some of the recipes in our free Fran’s Kitchen Nutrition Recipe eBook. You’ll get a preview of the kind of delicious and nutritious meals we’ll be including in our meal plan system!

Preview of FK meals

As always, we are here to help. You can reach us through social media [Link to social] or send us an email at support@franskitchenaz.com.

Welcome to the FK family! Whatever you need – we are here for you.



P.S, if you try any of the recipes, let us know what you think in the comments below!

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