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Powerful Ingredients: 3 Foods to Upgrade Your Health!

The food we eat serves as fuel for our bodies. The better the fuel, the better we’re able to perform. At the core of optimal health is powerful nutrition through delicious food! It’s not all about kale and spinach, all though they do offer great nutritional benefits. If you’re looking for some other nutritious foods though, check out our free Fran’s Kitchen Nutrition Recipe eBook!

I’m tired of kale

Now, these are not the only healthy ingredients of course. There are many ways you can include healthy nutritious foods in your diet. Today, our Chief Nutritionist, Ashley Grimmel, shares some of her favorite ingredients!

1.)   Avocados

You have a new reason to pay extra for the guac: avocados are good for you. They are an easy source for healthy fats and potassium, and they’re very versatile too! Whether you’re in the mood for guac, avocado toast, or even chocolate pudding (that’s pretty amazing) – you can use this delicious fruit in your meal. Healthy fats are a great way to support heart health and reduce your risk of developing heart disease. We heart avocados.

2.)   Broccoli

In all honesty, this is one of Ashley’s favorite foods. We promise, you can ask her in our next FB live. Not everyone defaults to these particular green veggies, but it’s not a bad idea to find ways to fit into your diet! Brassica vegetables have shown to help balance hormones, decrease your risk of cancer, and reduce inflammation. Also – you can make a great cheesy vegan casserole for your vegan friends at the potluck. More on that later though…

3.)   Blueberries

You may have heard how berries are one of your best nutritional friends, and it’s for two very simple reasons: they taste amazing, but also, they are packed with antioxidants. These antioxidants help to fight the damage caused by oxidation of free radicals. They protect your cells from damage and therefore help keep you healthy! Blueberries also help to increase recovery time post workout, maintain telomere length (which helps prevent aging – free beauty tip), prevent cancer, and improve skin and hair (that’s three free beauty tips). Try adding them in smoothies or sprinkle a few in oatmeal or a salad!

4.)   Beets

Nothing beets some quality phytochemicals. Beets are versatile veggies too; you can roast, bake, or juice them. They are also packed with nutrients and phytochemicals which help protect from free radicals, reduce inflammation, and support liver and kidney function. This is why it’s a popular addition to detox diets!

5.)   Pink Himalayan Salt or Black Hawaiian Salt

Every once in a while, we can be a little salty. For our athletic friends who are no strangers to sweat, these could be a great addition to your diets! According to Ashley, these salts have a very diverse mineral profile that helps replace the ones lost during exercise. Plus – you might like the flavor more than regular table salt.

These are just a few ingredients you can use to upgrade your diet a little! If you’re looking for some recipes that include them, check out our free FK Nutrition Recipe eBook! You’ll find a handful of recipes that feature some of Ashley’s favorite ingredients… like that Vegan Cheesy Broccoli Casserole we promised. 

Let’s get cooking

If you have any questions regarding nutrition, meal planning, or health goals please feel free to reach out! You can contact us either through social media [links to social] or send us an email at Our team is always available to help you in your health journey, whether you’re looking to get started or have some questions during the process. Nutrition is one of the best investments we can make into our health and quality of life, but it’s not a journey you have to do alone. At FK, we strive to help our customers reach their optimal health through powerful science-based nutrition and an encouraging team!

You’re part of the FK family now, and we’re always there for family.

Let us know what some of your favorite healthy ingredients are in the comments down below!



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