Looking to lose weight, reduce your risk of cancer and heart disease, improve performance or simply want to experience the best health possible?

The Paleo diet is a nutrient-dense whole food diet. It’s based on eating a variety of quality meats, seafood, eggs, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds. Avoiding all grains, lectins and inflammatory food groups. Paleo also excludes most processed and refined foods, and foods with empty calories. Eating Paleo can improve your health by providing balanced and complete nutrition.


How Does Paleo Work

The Paleo diet is intended to resemble what human hunter-gatherers ate thousands of years ago. 

It’s impossible to know precisely what human ancestors ate in diverse parts of the world. Researchers hypothesize that their diets consisted of whole foods.

A hunter-gatherers’ lifestyle of eating whole foods and being physically active presumably led to a life with less disease. A lifestyle with less than healthy foods and lack of physical activity can lead to diseases like obesity, diabetes, and heart disease (1, 2).   


Paleo is based on eating foods locally available to us. Common Paleo foods include quality meats (even organ meat), seafood, lots of vegetables, fruit, eggs, nuts, seeds, healthy fats, probiotic and fermented foods, and herbs and spices. This diet does not include known foods and ingredients that cause inflammation, disrupt hormones, or negatively impact gut health. In addition, Fran’s Kitchen restricts: all grains, most legumes, conventional dairy products, and all processed and refined foods.

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