Our Story

Fran’s Kitchen was founded in 2015 but the story behind it starts way back in 2012.

It was at this time that Founder, Franchesca Lynch, was diagnosed with stage four thyroid cancer while pregnant with her daughter. Doctors advised Fran that this was the worst case of this cancer they had seen in their careers and there was nothing more they could do.

But Fran refused this diagnosis, and decided she wanted to fight.

Fran made the choice to take charge of her health in order to support fighting the cancer, starting with her diet. By making changes to what she was eating and putting into her body, she was able to aid her treatment and phenomenally combat the cancer. Through sticking to these healthy diet changes alongside her treatment, Fran was astonishingly given the all clear only six months later.

Now seven year on, Fran is fit, healthy and rearing to share her passion for healthy living with her community – you – through ‘Fran’s Kitchen’.

Fran’s passion is personal. She wants to help every person be the best they can be and knows everyone has different needs, that’s why this isn’t a one size fits all approach. In fact there are five meal plan categories, bespoke macro counting shred plans and even the option for a private chef – all made specifically for you and your individual health requirements.

At Fran’s Kitchen, our team works hard to create healthy meals that taste great and leave you feeling better than you did before. We are confident that you will love or meals just as much as we do and can’t wait to work with you to help you be the best version of you possible.


No, we have a Chef’s table kitchen style menu where our Executive Chef chooses, prepares and creates a series of gourmet dishes for you.

No, all of our meals are delivered fresh –  never frozen. Our meals are refrigerated and then shipped within hours of being prepared. 

Yes! We accommodate a variety of diets and preferences. 

Yes! With Fran’s Kitchen, pausing your delivery is easy. You can place a delivery or two on hold anytime. Simply notify us at least a week in advance of needing to pause your meals and we will sort the rest.

No, there is never any cooking involved with Fran’s Kitchen. Our complete meals come either ready to heat and eat or ready to eat as is – giving you more time for more important things.

We deliver your meals to your door every Tuesday and Friday evening, between 4pm – 9pm. 

For best results, we recommend warming in a pan over medium heat with some butter or oil. If you are using a microwave, remove from the container and heat on a plate for one minute. Pop a damp paper towel on top while cooking to keep the moisture in.

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