We Believe....

In Wholesome Nutrition 

Our Kitchen may have started in 2015, but our love for health and nutrition started growing a few years before that. Today, it is the fuel behind our business. We seek to help our clients reach their optimal health through delicious and science-backed nutrition. Our approach is founded on wholesome, healthy, nutritious food – not any pills, boxed foods, or “miracle shakes”. Food is fuel. The better the quality, the healthier our bodies will be! 

In Building Community 

We also believe in the importance of walking this health journey alongside our clients. This is a special and life changing endeavor. We seek to provide our clients with the encouragement, support, and guidance they need every step of the way. 

In the Power of Experience 

At Fran’s Kitchen, our passion for health and nutrition comes from a place of personal experience. Meet the heart behind our Kitchen. 

Franchesca Lynch (Fran) is our founder and the driving force behind the team.

In 2012, Fran’s health took a turn for the worst. Doctor’s diagnosed her with stage four thyroid cancer while she was pregnant with her daughter. The doctor’s note: Sorry, there’s nothing we can do. 

Well that wasn’t good enough. Fran decided to aid her treatment by drastically transforming her nutrition. Eight years later: she’s healthy, fit, and eager to help you optimize your own health! 

Today, it is our goal at Fran’s Kitchen to help you experience the same kind of powerful changes that Fran was able to. Whatever your journey looks like, whatever your day, and no matter the goal – we are here to help. 

Welcome to the FK family. Here’s to great health! 


No, we have a Chef’s table kitchen style menu where our Executive Chef chooses, prepares and creates a series of gourmet dishes for you.

No, all of our meals are delivered fresh –  never frozen. Our meals are refrigerated and then shipped within hours of being prepared. 

Yes! We accommodate a variety of diets and preferences. 

Yes! With Fran’s Kitchen, pausing your delivery is easy. You can place a delivery or two on hold anytime. Simply notify us at least a week in advance of needing to pause your meals and we will sort the rest.

No, there is never any cooking involved with Fran’s Kitchen. Our complete meals come either ready to heat and eat or ready to eat as is – giving you more time for more important things.

We deliver your meals to your door every Tuesday and Friday evening, between 4pm – 9pm. 

For best results, we recommend warming in a pan over medium heat with some butter or oil. If you are using a microwave, remove from the container and heat on a plate for one minute. Pop a damp paper towel on top while cooking to keep the moisture in.

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