Fran's Kitchen The Best Meal Delivery Service in the Valley?

What's the deal? 

Fran's Kitchen is an organic meal deliver service that is located in Tempe, AZ. Our fresh, organic, healthy meals are wheat, dairy and refined sugar free. Choose from 4 awsome programs (Fran's Program, Keto Program, AIP Program and a Detox Program) that are tailored to your dietary needs.

Where do they deliver? 

Fran's Kitchen is Arizona based only. Currently we are delivery in the grater Phoenix area. FK delivers every tuesday and friday evening between the hours of 6pm-10pm. 

How good is the food? 

We tested all of our programs, the paleo inspired Fran's Program, our Ketogenic Program, AIP Program and our Detox Program per our customers, the meals are excellent. Our dinners are portioned and packed full of nutrient dense ingredients. As an example, one of best reviewed dishes is a parseley garlic roasted chicken paired with a lemon risotto and oven dried tomatoes and a italian salsa verde. This dish is delicious!

How healthy do you feel? 

Our programs are less of a deit, more of healthy lifestyle. When starting the program/lifestyle change it feel like a kick in the pants because it is a readjustment period of about 2-3 weeks. However, you will feel less hungry, more energetic, happier, lighter, more alert. Over all you feel good!

How much does it cost? 

Our programs start at $28.98 per day for Fran's Program and the price increases for more specific programs. Minmum order is 5 meals per week.

Who does Fran's Kitchen work for? 

Fran's Kitchen is great for the professional on the go  who really wants to eat healthy and monitor their intake but still wants diversity in flavors and cuisine.  

How can someone begin a program?

Click here and complete the contact form. One of dedicated coaches will reach out to you. 

Fran's Kitchen - Organic meal delivery service location in Phoenix, Arizona

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