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5 easy ways to prevent bloating

It’s amazing how much can be achieved by changing your eating habits, just a few small changes, like prevent bloating. Let’s kick off this year by eliminating the feeling of sluggishness or heaviness which is caused by bloating. Follow our 5 ways to prevent bloating which we hope will help you to feel lighter, happier, healthier!

1. Make your first drink of the day hot water with fresh lemon juice.

This will cleanse your system and aid with digestion.

2. Cut your portions of fatty red meats

If you can eat more fish (wild-caught), lean cuts of white meat and eggs. Fats take longer for our bodies to digest than proteins and carbohydrates. Red meats have a higher fat content than white meats. Therefore, red meats take longer to digest and can stay in our stomachs longer which causes gases to be produced and therefore bloating. Cutting red meat portions and/or choosing leaner meats and fish will also reduce cholesterol levels and fish will give you the added benefits of omega 3’s, good for glossy hair and glowing skin!

3. Cut out wheat.

This includes bread, pasta, cakes, pastries, beer, etc. Wheat is difficult for our bodies to break down and causes the production of gases which press on the walls of our intestines. There are a variety of foods you can eat which are wheat-free including oats, quinoa, buckwheat, rice and of course vegetables!

4. Avoid all soda and carbonated drinks.

Apart from the fact that most carbonated drinks have lots of hidden sugars in them, the gas used to make them carbonated will cause bloating in your stomach. Instead opt for teas such as peppermint tea, black tea, green tea, etc. Peppermint tea is frequently used to relieve discomfort caused by indigestion, gas and flatulence. It has been proven to relax the gut muscles, allowing gas to pass more smoothly and it may exert a calming effect on the stomach allowing food to digest faster.

5. Eliminate dairy.

Some of us digest dairy better than others. Most of us though lack the enzyme which breaks down lactose which is the sugar found in milk. Anything which our body finds difficult to digest will cause gassiness, tightness and bloating so if you feel that dairy is a cause to this then use one of the many delicious alternatives such as Coconut yogurt, rice, coconut, almond milk.

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