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Creating healthy
eating habits.


We service the greater Phoenix, East Valley & Scottsdale area, delivering Ready to Eat meals right to your doorstep.

Gluten, Dairy, Soy and Peanut free recipes.

Here at Fran’s Kitchen, it’s our mission to create awareness and inspire you to lead a healthier lifestyle.  We want to provide great tasting meals that make you feel better and helps you achieve your nutritional goals. 

We help you by taking the hard work out of healthy eating from planning your macros to preparing your meals. The best part is,  we deliver the expertly created meals right to your door!

Custom Nutrition

We design a meal plan to cater to your nutritional goals. We have created a proven model that helps you lose weight within a realistic time frame while nourishing your body.


We only use the freshest ingredients. We take pride in providing organic, grass-fed, locally sourced and wild caught proteins where possible. Our focus is to use proteins containing no hormones or antibiotics to support your health journey.


Our ordering system is straight forward and easy – you can order your plan from any smartphone, tablet or computer. Once you receive your meals you simply heat one up and it’s ready to eat!

Meal plan

Autoimmune Protocol

The Autoimmune Protocol, or AIP, is a specialized version of the Paleo diet.
Meal plan


A limited-cycle, full body detox that serves as a great transition into our meal programs. Our detox goes a step further, and temporarily eliminates common dietary inflammation triggers.
Meal plan


There are many reasons for trying the ketogenic diet: to improve cognitive focus, assist in burning/metabolizing fat more easily and studies show improved athletic endurance. If you are transitioning from the standard American diet into a Ketogenic diet you will find success with weight loss and fat adapted diet protocols for reducing overall body fat.
Meal plan


The Paleo diet is a nutrient-dense whole food diet based on eating a variety of quality meats, seafood, eggs, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds. Avoiding all grains, lectins and inflammatory food groups. It improves health by providing balanced and complete nutrition while avoiding most processed and refined foods and empty calories.


She is always striving to make people better and Frans Kitchen is no different. She is helping people become healthier and changing lives with her organic meal prep. If you have any health issues or just want to live a healthier life, you should reach out to Fran and she will help you with your meal prep and save you time.

Troy G


I lost 10 lbs in 4 weeks and got my abs back. People ask me every what I eat!!

Jordan L

Finished my 30 day challenge today.  

I lost exactly the 15 pounds I set for my goal. I ate clean for 30 days, I feel great, and I’m going to need a new belt.
Now off to Costa Rica where I won’t be embarrassed to take my shirt off.  Thanks Fran!

Chad G

I absolutely love this food

I truly wish I could eat it always! I definitely feel that if you don’t eat anything else (seriously, not one drink with sugar or soda) you will free yourself from brain fog & feel better. If I could afford it, Id be able to quit sugar and feel great because there’s no stress when it’s delivered to your door with easy to go meal boxes. Please come up with a service where you can do your own meal prep with your organic and locally sourced ingredients, because I can taste the difference. I loved the unique vegetables. I just want a meal prep service that I can teach my children to eat healthily in a fast food, convenience culture that sacrifices safety and quality. Please offer something for healthy children’s lunches and dinners etc. thanks Frans Kitchen 🙂

Lauren L

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